American Academy in Rome

The Rome Prize is given every year to America's strongest scholars, artists, architects and composers who are exposed to the deeply layered history of Rome, in an 11-month study fellowship at the Academy. We think of each Rome Prize Fellow as a revolutionary going out into the world and supporting the humanities and the arts in the most vibrant way possible. 

Produced and Directed by Gael Towey
Directors of Photography Joe Tomcho and Jeff Tomcho
Music by Jonathan Berer
Piano Majella Stockhausen
The St. Lawrence String Quartet
Editing by Matylda Kawka
Director of Photography: Joe Tomcho
Titles by Doyle Partners
Sound by Brian Flood
Special Thanks:
Mark Robbins
John Ochsendorf
And the Rome Prize Fellows of 2018-19




Gabriella Kiss

Season 1

Enchanted with the gesture of the human hand, and the gestures of nature, Gabriella Kiss creates jewelry that reconnects us to the wonders of the forest and its floor. Her discoveries are our treasures.

Directors of Photography Gentl & Heyers

Alabama Chanin

Season 1

Using local cotton, local talent and local traditions, Natalie Chanin has brought Alabama to Haute Couture. Natalie’s story and her artistry is bound up in the landscape and the legends of the region along the Tennessee River.

Cinematography and Editing Joe Tomcho